I think you’re shit, I just keep you here to pay the rent.

This is a really old post I found on an abandoned blog of mine:

“Morning”, Thomas’ words barely crossed his lips, they simply hung in his mouth through lack of propulsion. He quickly made his way to his desk, switched on his computer’s and set about his business. His mind was blank, his expression was blank and then something happened. He died, his heart stopped beating and he ceased to live. He died somewhere he hated amongst people he did not care for, and was no longer in a position to pay the rent.

His partner was sad at first, though even at initially hearing the news could not fight away the feeling of relief, of freedom. Now she could go about her life unburdened, with no guilt. All in all the event was favourable and although some nights she wonders if she would not have liked for the young man she had once known to be around, she still feels she is better off having things transpired in the way that they had.

Jiji and Buttons, being cats didn’t really notice Thomas’ absence although it did take Katie a long time to keep up with tending to their litter in an orderly fashion. Although eventually she got into the rhythm of this and life moved on as usual for the pair.

Thomas himself was dead and as he did not believe in an afterlife, remained so. Not to say that if he had have believed in an afterlife he would not be just as dead.

His family loved him and missed him as families do.

But no one else. No one in the long-term.

Indeed he offered little and contributed nothing.

Except the rent…


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